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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Inaugural Post.

Welcome to the inaugural post for my brand new web log, Indie Career Tips.  The purpose of this blog is to compile, analyze, and evaluate the different services and methods by which an independent artist may market and promote their brand.  I also intend to discuss current trends that may be in the news, as well as legislative action that may affect independent artists and the music and publishing industries as a whole.  My core target audience will include those independent musicians and writers (because they share many of the same issues) who create, market and promote their own material, as well as their personal support network.  This can also be a resource to those who want to develop their own independent record label.

Both the music and the publishing businesses are in a constant state of flux; the internet and digital marketing have changed everything!  For example, a musician no longer needs to have the support of a major record label (or any record label, for that matter) in order to enjoy a career, and an author can self publish and do very well.  The trick, of course, is to find the correct avenue for exposure.  The downside to all of this, arguably, is that the market becomes saturated with poorly crafted products, leaving the consumer to filter through a lot of "trash" in order to find something valuable.  I believe that the people we already know are the filters that will make this process easier, using social networking tools such as Myspace, Facebook, ReverbNation, for example, to share our work with others.  These nearly instantaneous word-of-mouth tools can reach many people in a relatively short amount of time for almost no cost.  Additionally, popular blogs can play important roles in the filtering process; a good review from a trusted blogger can boost an artist's exposure exponentially.

So...this is a new frontier, so to speak.  For the first time ever, the playing field is leveled in a way that anyone with the time, the product, and the drive to succeed can have a legitimate chance to do so, and on a shoestring budget.  How amazing is that?!  I look forward to delving into all the ways that this objective can be met, including what NOT to do, whenever that is relevant to the discussion.  I invite feedback and participation in the discussion as we all learn from and support one another in our respective endeavors.


  1. Well put Teresa! I'm definitely with you on the facts of this over saturated frontier and the work that one must put in these days to filter through all of the low quality rubbish. I also feel that all of these ISP's (Internet Service Providers) are beginning to be part of this problem.
    Ever since Myspace came on scene, the entire game changed and in that, the quality of acceptable music changed. I'm not quite sure what is happening but I'm trying to stay positive and further my knowledge of this business.

  2. I agree with you so strongly about how the industry has changed over the last 10 years, I'm so confused about whats really going on in the music industry these days.

    I'm so excited about your blog and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

    I'll be reading!

    - Micheal

  3. You are my, ever-lovin' hero! My new favorite blog. Because you are right, the industry is ripe for new ideas, avenues, and innovations! Can't wait to hear and share them.