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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tips for spiffing up Facebook musician/band pages.

I'd posted a while back about using a Facebook app called DamnTheRadio, but because it was so cumbersome, I never finished it.  In the meantime, while perusing Joe Bonamassa's page, I checked out the great looking app that he is using: BandPage, provided by RootMusic.  It interfaces with SoundCloud to stream your music and produces a Facebook landing page that has a custom banner (you make), music player, links to purchase and share the music, info on the band, contact, etc., show dates, and to top it off, incorporates your wall.  User friendly, fully customizable, free, AND beautiful!  Here are the two that I've created so far:

Caroline Aiken
Carly Gibson

It took a little bit of time to learn the ropes and to upload and input all of the information.  RootMusic provides tutorials and a lengthy "help" section; quite honestly, this may take more time than many artists have available, but that's where I come in.  For a reasonable fee, I'm happy to put it all together for you.  I love doing this stuff, and I'm armed with all the necessary software.  Let me know what I can do to help you polish your social networking presence!