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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Potholes in my road to success.

At times I feel like a bit of an impostor, seeing as how I am offering "indie career tips" when the truth is that I don't really possess the secrets to success yet.  I'm still seeking it, and this blog is one way that I can document what works and what doesn't.  Hopefully my experiences, whether good or ill, can provide insight to others.

I am beginning to really understand where my personal potholes (i.e., vulnerabilities) are as a student and as a business person.  Although I have many positive traits, including attention to detail, tenacity and a powerful work ethic (thanks for that example, Dad!), I find that there are several mental habits that slow down my progress, particularly when I am tired or when my life has been particularly challenging.  In the last 3 years, this happens to have been a lot, but hey--I know people who are in worse shape.  I have no business indulging in self-pity.

Here's a list of some of the most common potholes in my road to success:

Unforgiving of personal mistakes.  Nobody is as hard on me as I can be with myself.  I set my bar higher than it needs to be.  I am not this extreme, but I have my moments.

Negative attitude.  Ah, but if you had a nail where poor Eeyore does, you would be cranky too.

Negative thinking.  "Here you go with the negative waves.  Have a little faith, baby...have a little faith!" ~ Oddball

Hesitant, you are!  We could all stand to take a little advice from Master Yoda.  

One neat thing about dark thoughts is that they don't hold up very well when I shine some bright light on them, and really, that light is everywhere and inside so many people.  I see it in my husband and in my kids, in my friends and in my heroes.  All I need do is tap into it.

So...no matter how dark it seems, I must bear in mind how very important it is to always look on the bright side of life, and then get to work patching up those potholes.

*Obligatory Disclaimer*
I claim no copyright for any of the YouTube videos that I have embedded or linked to from this post.  They are, however, clips that bring me enjoyment, and some days I really need that.


  1. Teresa ~

    I have found that the biggest sabatour to our success is ourselves. Our concept of who we are and from that, how we talk to ourselves. Well, the great thing is that we have within us to recognize our negative thought patterns, to immediately shift from a negative thought to a positive one and pat ourselves on the back when no one else seems to want to offer us that simple, kind gesture. It's ok. I greatly advocate self praise. Heck yeah! I'll believe in myself regardless of what anyone else believes because the truth is.. when they say you can't... they're really saying I can't. When they say you don't have what it takes, they mean, I don't have what it takes. Poor them cause they're right.. until they change their minds about it.

    These potholes that you speak of.. these are not potholes. They are the stuff of success; The groundwork from which to build and expand an already growing vision and dream. You've put your dream out there, you're actively involved in it's evolution and you're seeing the areas which require work to make it even bigger than what you thought it could be. How could that possibly be considered a negative?

    More power to you!


  2. Hi Teresa,

    I enjoyed reading about your downfalls because I battle the same ones from time to time. I feel that I can definitely get in the way of myself and hinder my progress and momentum. You hit the nail on the head though when you talk about the light that must be harnessed; it is everywhere you just need to be able to channel it in your most trying moments and role with silver lining.

    Furthermore, I would like to add one more "pothole" to your list...the weather. When I don't see the sun for months it has a devastating affect on my mood and my overall outlook, but living in Seattle, you must find a way through almost all the time if you want to keep your momentum!!

    Here is MYSELF, overcoming the furious Gray in the Emerald City. Enjoy Teresa, and thank you...


  3. Wow, Jazz, thank you so much for sharing this video...this is great!!! Love it!